Backlinking for SEO

Developing a healthy back-link profile plays an important part in the long-term success of an SEO campaign. 
If you’ve spent any amount of time looking into SEO and other
digital marketing techniques then you will no doubt have run into the term “back-linking” a few times. While the general premise of backlinking isn’t a super complex idea, understanding exactly how to do it and why it is so important for your website's SEO success can be a different story altogether.
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What does Back-linking Mean?

Backlinking and “linking” are often used interchangeably to describe this process and it is essentially the term given to acquiring outside links from third-party websites in a way that refers back to your site as a trusted and credible source of information.
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What Are “Good” Back-links?

There are a vast array of different types of backlinks out there, some good, some bad and a whole lot of them that may not really do any noticeable work when it comes to getting your website further up the search engines results pages. Now you dont necessarily learn the individual traits of each by heart, however there are a few important factors to look out for:


The page and/or website that is referring back to your website as a source of relevant information must have some form of credibility or “authority of its own”. After all, would you take the recommendation of a person that you do not know and who may not know the subject themselves?
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Domain Authority (DA).

Thisis a ranking measurement created by Moz founder Rand Fishkin.
The scores (which range from 1 to 100) are calculated by considering many different “ranking factors” and act as an indicator of how likely a website is to rank itself in search results. The higher the score the higher the likelihood that the page will rank highly…at least according to Moz.

Domain Rating (DR)

works similarly to DA and focuses particularly on a website’s backlink profile. It also has a score that runs from 1 to 100 and is a measurement developed by world-renowned SEO backlink and website authority 
checker tool: Ahrefs

Trust Flow (TF) & Citation

Flow (CF) are metrics creating by leading link auditing tool Majestic SEO. 
Trust flow focuses on how trustworthy a site likely is based on trustworthiness the sites it has linked to itself, whilst citation flow surmises the authority of a site based on the volume of links and domains that it has pointing towards it.

Follow vs No Follow

Within the HTML code of a particular link, it will include
particulars as to whether it should be noticed and given SEO credence (Do-Follow) or whether it is a superfluous link that does not require SEO consideration (No-Follow). Both help to some degree but Do-Follow links are the
ones that are the most important when conducting SEO work.

Location of the link

As most are probably aware, websites are divided into relevant sections, the place where the referring link is located is also important. To have more “clout: with search engines, it's advised that the link is supported and surrounded by relevant and quality content.
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