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For many years now the financial and banking sectors have been at the forefront of utilizing new technological advancements to provide their customers with faster, more convenient, and more holistic services. However, when it comes to maintaining their client base and attracting new customers, many banks seem to be using the same tactics as ever before to do this, like referrals and leafleting. While it can be argued that they “work” in the modern age there are far more lucrative ways for these businesses to bring in more customers, one of the best is industry-specific Banking SEO.

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How will Banking SEO help drive more customers?

In today’s world, when a potential customer needs a service, they will more than likely pull out their mobile phone or laptop and use a search engine to find both local services and international products. First page positions can gain at least 71%+ of all organic search clicks that originate from any given search term, therefore targeting these first-place positions for keywords that are highly relevant should be a priority for any business looking to find customers online.

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How is Banking SEO performed?

While naturally all marketing plans should be based on your business and its requirements, it has to be said that good SEO practice is ubiquitous regardless of the industry. However, the devil is in the detail, and making sure that your website ranks in the right places at the right times is essential for any kind of continued growth and success. Most people know more about the effects that SEO can have on a business rather than the actual process itself, so let us run over a few important aspects of proper white-hat banking SEO:

1. Local SEO

For many businesses online, marketing to their local audience is not specifically necessary, however for businesses that rely on physical premises to do business in, such as restaurants, stores, and yes, banks, the opposite is true. As we said before, vast amounts of people search for banking services or bank branches within a specific location.

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2. Targeting

If your particular bank has many branches in different areas that all offer different services, it’s important that each branch is targeting not only the most relevant area but that the SEO campaign is directing the correct customers to the correct branch which provides the services they are looking for.

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3. Content

What is written on your site is not entirely for the benefit of your customers, but also for the benefit of search engine algorithms in their quest to properly categorize and rank your site. Therefore, it is important that the content you have reads well and is informative for your customers, as well as following content best practices laid out by search engines in order to make it easier for them to rank you.

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4. Mobile Compatibility

Many customers when they need something on the go will simply pull out their smartphones and jump straight on the internet to look at mobile-friendly web pages suggested by search engines. Making sure that your site is able to adapt and resize to individual users is important not only for your customer’s ease of finding a local branch but also for your SEO rankings. Google and other search engines have a preference towards sites that actively attempt to provide their visitors with a high-quality experience.

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Optimize your SEO Strategy with TBS Marketing

More and more people these days are turning to the internet to seek the financial assistance that they require. There are over 170,000 Google searches per month for the “banks near me” keywords. All these people are continuously looking for options that will help them to reach their goals or get out of debt. Like a bank, you’re well aware of your competition and your strengths that define you, but do your prospects know the same?
Our team of banking SEO experts knows the exact keywords that will set you apart from your competitors and win new clients by speaking directly to them about exactly what they need. We know how to get you noticed by Google and bring you to the top of the search results.
Our banking SEO strategies include social medial advertising, web design, content creation as well as PPC advertising that will promote awareness and drive more traffic to your bank.
So, if you’re interested in getting started with your SEO campaign, send an email at or call us at +66 (0)2717 8124| +66 (0)2007 5800
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