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Construction services have long been target customers for most SEO agencies. After all, the science behind Construction SEO is well understood and the potential ROI involved in certain construction services (like house building) are huge, which looks good when selling your services to other clients in similar industries
However, naturally, there is some resistance to change among many companies. In the past, construction companies' main staple of finding new customers and expanding their outreach has been through print advertising or word of mouth. While these remain useful tools in a comprehensive marketing strategy, the fact remains that it alone cannot compare to the power of SEO. With print journalism rapidly declining, the mere existence of this kind of marketing in the future is questionable, so doubling down and investing more is not necessarily the most efficient way to spend your marketing budget.

What is Construction SEO?

Essentially, construction SEO is the industry-specific task of taking a company’s website and changing fundamental aspects of the site in order for search engines to be able to easily identify which construction service the site offers. It then ranks the site for relevant keywords based on several different factors including user experience, content, and many more. As it stands today, Google should be a focus of most businesses as it is by far the most popular search engine in the world, with Google dominating over 75% of all searches across all platforms worldwide.
Performing SEO means that you will first make it a lot easier for Google’s search engine algorithm to analyze and “read” your site and determine exactly what your website is promoting or providing. Then you want to ensure that the search engine looks favorably upon your site. This can be accomplished by structuring your site in line with the search engine's particular criteria for ranking. While these are closely guarded secrets by most of the major search engines, SEO for construction-related keywords is fairly well understood by any SEO consultant worth their salt, and competition for these major keywords then becomes the main issue.

How to do Construction SEO?

SEO for the construction industry is, fortunately, similar in many ways to SEO for other industries and the process can seem extremely similar in the early stages. Another useful point is that the construction industry was one of the first to take SEO on board in their general marketing strategies and, as such, there has been more time and money poured into optimizing these campaigns, which means they are better understood by the SEO industry.

Content is Key!

Google and other search engine algorithms do rather behave like a person in many regards, in order to evaluate exactly what an individual page on a website is talking about and what it is offering, it actually “reads” the writing found on your website. This means that it is essential this content be as concise, to the point, and original as possible. Copy and pasting content from other relevant high-ranking companies is not a smart move as this can severely affect your rankings as these algorithms have become so advanced that they are actually capable of detecting plagiarized content! So spend some time researching what makes good content and apply that to the copy on your site.

Keyword Research

The cornerstone to a successful SEO campaign is getting your site to rank well for high volume and relevant search terms as we said before. How do you know which keywords to target? Well, this is where keyword research comes in and it’s an extremely important part of any SEO strategy, but its significance is tripled when talking about SEO for construction. Essentially many construction companies offer a wide variety of services and it’s important that the most profitable or in-demand services are the ones using the majority of your SEO budget, as this will increase the potential ROI significantly.

User Experience

Search engines want to show their users only the most relevant information, provided by the best operating and optimized sites. This is because a search engine’s main goal is to provide relevant information quickly as this is what their users are focused on. They also want to avoid frustrating their users by pulling up non-responsive and slow sites for high-traffic keywords. Making sure that your site loads quickly and efficiently, as well as making sure the site is compatible across a multitude of different devices can have a significant impact on the success of your campaign.

Proper Investment

One of the main failings of most construction companies when it comes to SEO is not putting the necessary resources into their campaign. Naturally, as we discussed, SEO in the construction industry is highly competitive and, as such, it is vital that you have the right tools for the job. Expecting dramatic results from a small budget or little oversight will naturally leave you disappointed with the results you get. So, make sure you dedicate the appropriate amount of time, effort, and money to your campaign if you are serious about its success.

Outrank your competition with TBS Marketing

If your website doesn’t appear in the top 3 search results when someone types in “construction company” it’s guaranteed you’re losing prospective clients to your competitors. It’s been found that about 55% of search engines’ users will only check one of the first 3 listings appearing in the search results.

TBS Marketing can help. Our construction SEO experts have years of experience helping businesses get better website traffic and convert way more visitors into prospective and actual customers. When choosing TBS Marketing you can also be sure we’ll do our utmost to gain the best possible ROI for your business.

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