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Is SEO for E-Commerce Websites Really That Important?

Yes! It really, really is. In fact, SEO for e-Commerce websites is arguably more important than it is for any other form of website. This is because an e-Commerce business operates and survives soles online! Whereas many other forms of businesses will have physical stores and locations and other means of selling goods and services to their customers.
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1 – It’s all About the User Experience

One of the most important aspects of an SEO campaign is optimising a website and its usability. The way that a website functions will have a significant effect on the website’s SEO, which is also another huge defining factor for an e-Commerce website’s monetary success.
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2 – Increased Visibility Will Lead to More Sales

The whole point of SEO is to increase your online visibility and subsequently attract more users through to your website. This is especially important for businesses who rely solely on online engagement for making money.
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3 – A Cost-Effective Way of Growing Your Bottom Line

As an e-Commerce business, you should be focusing on a wide variety of digital marketing solutions and not just SEO. However, SEO should be a constant “work in progress” running in the background in order to grow your bottom line.
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4 – SEO Works Wonderfully in Conjunction with Paid Advertising

You may have heard us use this analogy before, but we stand by it because it rings true: “the bigger the net, the more fish you’ll catch.” Thus, if you are currently spending on paid advertising such as Google Adverts, then you’ll want to work on your SEO as well.
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5 – SEO Effects are Long-Lasting

Search engine optimisation is very much a marathon, so you need to continue running if you wish to remain in the race. However, the effects of SEO are long-lasting and if you continue to work on it, you will further secure your dominant position in the higher rankings, making it an exceptionally worthwhile investment.
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6 – Good SEO is Built on Quality Content and Quality Content Sells

If you are practicing good SEO, then it means that you will be developing high-quality content for your target audience. The type of content that is both useful and engaging to the reader, highlighting the benefits of your products, how to use them, and what they can do to transform their lives by using said products.
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These are just a handful of the benefits that come with adopting SEO for e-Commerce websites. If this is something that you are interested in, then we invite you to contact us at your convenience. There is an awful lot of work that goes into running a successful e-Commerce website campaign and it can take hundreds of hours to set up properly. Thus, if you are busy investing your quality time in managing your business, then let TBS Marketing handle the time-consuming technicalities of SEO on your behalf.
We are well-versed in the art of e-Commerce SEO and can build an exceptional campaign that is designed for success, on your behalf. We look forward to hearing from you!
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