Food and Beverage Marketing

What is Food and Beverage Marketing?
And some tips on how to make your strategy a success
Food and Beverage Marketing brings together the producers and consumers within the area of food and drink to better sell products. Food and drink is an ever growing industry, with more and more choice. Food and drink are essential products and therefore people do not need to be convinced that they need them, just persuaded to buy one product over another. There are many ways to do this, appealing to a specific audience through TV adverts, jingles, social media and promotional offers like coupons.

Factors that encourage people to pick your product.

Social Media and blogging

Social Media’s influence today cannot be underestimated. Sites have become places where companies can display their products or current information and offers and reach huge amounts of people, and at little cost. Social Media is a great way to stay connected to the current generation, who will often post photos of their food or drink, give reviews and generally spread the word for you. Similarly, you can start a blog or team up with food bloggers and influencers who have a large base of readers, and have them blog about you. This can again reach a large number of people cheaply and swiftly.


Packaging is clearly a key component in Food and Beverage Marketing. Unlike a lot of products today, most food is still being shelved and sold in physical stores. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if the packaging is inferior to its neighbours, or hides a high-quality product in a low-quality wrapper. The packaging should also reflect your Unique Selling Point, or USP.

TV advertising

By contrast, TV advertising, while long established, could be said to be less impactful as a general marketing strategy than it has been in the past. This is less true of Food and Beverage Marketing. Well-timed and correctly targeted food and drink ads are certainly still an impactful and effective tool to use. You have only to think of Coca Cola’s Christmas ads to hear the jingle, and the same is true of so many household products.


Sponsorship and partnering

Sponsoring an event or partnering with another brand are great ways to get your brand out there and appealing to people, while also giving a wider definition of yourself than simply what you sell. For example, by sponsoring a sporting event, you may give the impression that your product is something consumed by healthy people, and therefore not as unhealthy as other alternatives. 
Similarly partnering with another product, sometimes just by giving them a good placement in your ad, allows the public to share their brand trust, or appeal, with your product. McDonald’s, for instance, partnered with Coca Cola to appeal to a larger audience. Associating your brand with those that are established, or trusted, can in turn gain you the trust of the consumer.


Offers are often a great marketing strategy. People are more likely to come to your restaurant or buy your product if they see there is an offer on, but take care not to do it too often, and be selective on your products. You don’t want people to be so used to seeing discounts that they think the product is inferior, or that it will always be that price so they don’t need to buy it today. However, a well-timed and well-presented offer, like McDonald’s Monopoly, where you get stickers and collect free items with your purchases like drinks and ice-creams, are an effective aspect of Food and Beverage Marketing, so give it a try!


Food and Beverage Marketing, the way you sell your brand or product to consumers, has many different facets and ever more new opportunities. Eye-catching, iconic packaging, or that which best suits your target audience is a key component, as is ensuring you utilise the digital market. Social media is a hugely effective tool to reach more people and raise brand-awareness, though TV advertising is certainly still relevant, as anyone walking around with a catchy tune from an ad stuck in their head will agree!
Offers are a great way to get people interested, especially if used in conjunction with another approach like social media or targeted ads. The Food and Beverage Industry is ever adapting and your marketing strategy should too!
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