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There can be no doubt in anyone's mind that Google is by far the most popular and well-established search engine out there. Owning a staggering 87.35 of the search engine market and is responsible for around 91% of all search engine traffic to websites. Naturally, this has attracted the interest of businesses everywhere as they all vie for a slice of the Google search pie; meaning that competitions around highly sought-after keywords have become particularly fierce in some industries.

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What is Google SEO?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is a pretty catch-all term used to describe actions taken on a website that is intended to improve the way that search engines, in this instance Google, view and rank your website for individual search terms. Naturally given the complexity of both search engines and websites in general, many different actions and strategies can all combine to be part of your overall SEO strategy. While SEO will help you achieve better rankings across a wide variety of search engines, Google is where most businesses’ focus should be, given its large share of the market.

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What about other search engines?

While general SEO work targeted at attracting the attention of Google will assist with your rankings in other search engines, the bottom line is that they are irrelevant to some degree. With Google being the most popular and widely used engine on the planet and with it being responsible for the largest majority of traffic and clicks, you can just focus your attention on Google and still build an extremely powerful and successful SEO campaign.

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How can I find my Google SEO Rank

The first step that any digital marketer worth their salt will do is take the time to look over your website and its rankings within google to determine the best course of action to get your rankings higher. There are a lot of ways to do this and many tools have been developed to assist them in doing this. Once this is completed then both they and you will have a far better understanding of where your site sits currently as well as what areas can be improved upon.

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Where do I start my SEO?

Like many things, the first step in improving your SEO rankings on Google is to recognize the problems and the potential value of fixing these issues. Next, it’s important to make sure that any work you do yourself is properly researched and carried out to as high a standard as possible to achieve the best results.

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Why choose TBS?

We here at TBS work hard to meet the demands of our clients, our team of extraordinarily gifted and dedicated SEO experts, programmers, and website designers are on hand to help supercharge your SEO efforts. Over the lifespan of our company, we have worked on countless campaigns of varying complexity and application and we harness this extensive experience when creating our new clients’ SEO campaigns. We do the hard work for you and we will thoroughly research top-performing competitors in your field and examine their strategies to give you the best possible chances of success!

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