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Healthcare is a fast-paced and ever-changing field of business, both in methodology and technology. However, while most healthcare service providers do a good job of keeping up with their industry advancements, many businesses often fall into the trap of falling out of touch with their how-to make the most of their healthcare marketing. Marketing, like medicine, is an ever-changing landscape and the methods of today are sure to be obsolete even as soon as 5 years down the line, with the focus moving away from rigid and static platforms like print and television advertising, and onto more flexible and lucrative forms of marketing, mainly found online.

How has Medical Marketing Changed?

It used to be the case that unless somebody required extremely complex or specialist services, that they would almost certainly go to one of their local medical healthcare providers. In this way, back then, most medical marketing focused on the local community and its competitors, but that is not so much the case now. People have more choice than ever and many will opt to travel further and further for a better-priced or quality service.

What Businesses Can Benefit from Medical Marketing

The internet is an amazing thing and pretty much if you have a product or service, then there is more than likely a way to sell or at least actively promote it online. However, many businesses within the medical industry do not even realize the potential that the internet could hold for their niche! So let us look at some of the best examples of business types that do well online:

Plastic Surgeons

While high-ticket services are always going to have high-profit margins, the success of cosmetic surgery services online is nothing to scoff at. Essentially, these surgeons are paying up to 1% of their total fee to acquire new leads through various avenues. Visual mediums like Social Media platforms do extremely well for cosmetic surgeons as they allow you to demonstrate exactly how good your work is and allow potential customers to build brand affinity. However, cosmetic surgeons have found equal success with things like PPC advertising on search engines, finding people looking directly for their services, or more information about those services.


Everybody needs regular dental check-ups and fillings, however, for specialist dental services like implants and extensive bridgework, many people will travel far to have these services performed at a more competitive rate. Some people even fly all the way to South East Asia in order to find great dental work at good prices, and naturally, this shows how lucrative online advertising can be to dentistry businesses


Chiropractors are a slight niche business in of itself, a lot of people have back problems but the vast majority of them do not regularly see a chiro, therefore, it’s important that chiropractors are actively advertising to people who are specifically interested in relieving back and joint pains. This is where Social Media Marketing comes in. Social Media Marketing allows you to target massive amounts of people online based on their age, gender, and other demographical information, but also their interests, and you can even go so far as to hone in specifically on what kind of groups they are interested in.

Partner with TBS Marketing to Boost Your Online Presence and Acquire New Patients

The Healthcare field is very competitive so to stay ahead of the curve you need to implement multiple online tactics to build loyalty and trust with the prospective patients. You need to make sure that potential clients know that your practice is the best one in the area. And in order to do so, you must be on top of the search engine results and ensure that your website is optimized with informative and engaging content.

TBS Marketing is ready to take care of your online presence so you can fully focus on your patients and practice. We are recognized as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the industry because of our commitment to achieving the best results for our clients. Our experts are well-versed in digital marketing for healthcare and we’ve improved web presence for various practices all over the world.

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