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Why is Instagram Important for Marketing?

Instagram is without doubt, one of the most valuable social media channels available today and we are confident that every business can benefit from using it in one way or another.
Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, or you’re simply using it to promote a personal brand, incorporating Instagram into your digital marketing strategy is a definite must!
On this page we’re going to look at why Instagram is important for marketing and how it can be of great benefit to your business.

1. Instagram is Built on Storytelling

For long as human’s have been able to communicate, storytelling has been a vital part of our narrative. In fact, it can be traced back to the earliest cave paintings discovered, demonstrating the artistic flare that sets humanity apart from the other species that populate this planet.
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2. Visual Content Should be a Huge Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Visual posts have 650% higher engagement rates than posts with text only. Thus, creating content that is both visual, and resonates with your target audience is a great way of developing your brand. In addition to that, you can take the imagery used on your Instagram and combine it with other marketing channels such as your email newsletters and your blog.
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3. Instagram Has Millions and Millions of Users!

Instagram has over 700 million monthly users which is a huge audience base at your disposal. When you post on Instagram you can use #Hashtags to ensure that your content is getting in front of the right people. Of course, just be certain to use the most relevant hashtags that people are actually searching for.

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4. Engage with Your Valued Community

Instagram has the highest average engagement rate than all of the other main social media channels. This is because Instagram users are much more open to branded content than they are on any of the other channels.
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5. Instagram is a Great Source of Insights and Feedback

The smartest marketers will already be monitoring conversations and engagement through social media. There is some great software available which will allow you to track your Instagram and find out who and how many people are talking about your products and services. This is a great opportunity to engage with those who are leaving feedback about your products so that you can address both the good and the bad.

6. Keep a Close Eye on Your Competitors

Even if you aren’t quite ready to use Instagram for marketing (although you 100% should be), you can use it to follow and track your competitors. This is an amazing way of seeing what they are doing which is working, and the types of content that they produce which doesn’t work so well. Learn from their mistakes and benefit from their successes by going bigger and better!


Don’t let anyone talk you out of Instagram marketing. Anyone who is against it or doesn’t see the value in it either hasn’t tried it or has been doing it wrong entirely. With a well-optimised Insta marketing campaign, you will be able to successfully grow and develop your brand, whilst bolstering the relationship you have with your target audience.
Visual marketing is one of the most appealing forms of user-engagement that you can harness, and it will yield some incredible results for your brand and business.
Of course, if you do not have the time or resources to tap into Instagram marketing then we would advise hiring the professionals to assist you. Don’t put it off until a later date as Instagram can be instrumental in your growth if implemented properly.
Here at TBS Marketing, we have a professional team of marketers who are well-versed in the art of Insta-marketing and will gladly help you to transform your online awareness. Simply contact us today and we can start building a strategy that will take your business beyond your competitors and to greater heights!
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