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What are the best strategies for 
Insurance Marketing?

It is essential in the Insurance Industry to have great marketing strategies. You need a great deal of customers as the premiums of the many are needed to cover the losses of the few. Insurance sales have moved, in huge amounts, online, and more and more people will research and look for all types of insurance there. You need to ensure that your brand stands out, that it is easy to find and give people a reason to go with you.


SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is an effective way to increase the traffic on your website through paid ads. By creating an ad, determining how much you are willing to pay per click and selecting the correct keywords, you can appear higher in the list of Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPS, and more often.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, also raises your site in the SERPS, but does so organically. This means that you do not have to pay per click and your site will appear as a natural result, not designated as an ad. Using keywords, having trusted and established back-linked sites and being fast and secure can all raise you up the SERPS.

Reviews, blogs and the importance of Social Media

Today more and more people like to do their research before committing to a product. Most people who get a policy with you will have read a review and decided to trust you, and this is important to maintain and utilise to attract more customers. You can simply email customers and ask them to leave reviews, or make it a part of a check-in system to see how new policy-holders are doing.

Avoiding the ‘deer in the headlights’ reaction

Whichever strategies you utilise, remember that you want to keep your message clear and concise, and avoid giving people too many options or asking them to read or take in too much information in one go. Many people feel overwhelmed by areas like Insurance and feel that they don’t know enough about it. Instead of wanting to learn everything in one go they can get put off, and you can lose a sale. The key is to not give too many options and make your site as user friendly as possible.


So as you have just seen, there are many different strategies to approaching Insurance Marketing, from Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation to reviews and blogs. Some offer longer term return on investment and can be harder to quantify while others can cost more but can offer immediate results. The importance of Insurance Marketing cannot be understated; it is particularly key in this industry, with so much competition and ‘deer in the headlights’ mentalities to overwhelm prospective clients, and it may take some time to find the right combination of strategies for your brand. It is important to keep testing and modifying, maintain clear goals and measure your success to find the right plan for you.
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