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In today's business environment you aren't merely limited to providing your products and services to people in your local or domestic vicinity. 
Now the process for ranking a website internationally is very similar to ranking domestically. However, the obvious difference is that you are an external website attempting to rank for a search term outside your local area. While this is not necessarily a pitfall or disadvantage, it does mean that your SEO will have to factor this important detail into the overall strategy that will be taken for your site. It is important to understand that international SEO may require additional resources and manpower to perform effectively, particularly if you are targeting several countries simultaneously.

What is International SEO?

International SEO in as many words is the process of optimizing your website towards search engine user locations outside of your domestic country. A good analogy is a geolocation targeting in regular SEO, except for multiple languages and target countries. Attracting international business for some industries is key and it is easier today than it ever was. 
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Do I Need to Perform International SEO?

Now the answer to this question will naturally depend on the kind of business you run and what you provide. After all, there is no reason for a local hardware shop to be advertising to people based in another country, whereas things like logistics companies and exporters have a far more obvious reason to be advertising internationally. 
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How is International SEO performed?

The short answer to this question is “like regular SEO”, but that explanation fails to expand on just how much work is involved in an International SEO campaign and is one that you almost certainly won't be able to perform on your own. 
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Bilingual Content

We have mentioned this several times now and, like domestic SEO, having unique, relevant, and regularly updated content is vital to letting search engines know exactly who you are and what you do. The same can be said for any language around the world, for example, Google’s language algorithm, BERT, is capable of reading content written in over 70 different languages.
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Hreflang Tags

Hreflang tags are essential to ranking in other languages, these are essentially small snippets of code that help search engines categorize and rank websites with multiple languages to searches of various keywords in their target language (e.g. bringing up French content for French users and English content for English users).
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Search Engine Signals

Search engines in different countries have varying different algorithms; naturally, they all look for different signals based upon what is considered the norm in that country. For example, mobile compatibility is super important in a place like South East Asia because the majority of users from these countries will be viewing pages on mobile devices of all different kinds. Knowing what different countries search engines prefer ranking is super important to sustained SEO success overseas.

Be country-specific, in everything

It is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that everywhere will be the same as they are in your home country. While comparisons can be drawn and similarities can be found, assuming that marketing to another country will be done in the exact same way as it would domestically, would be disastrous. 
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Boost your International Conventions

If you are ready to expand your business and get access to millions of potential new customers then contact our experts today to perform an in-depth audit and comprehensive analysis to create an international SEO strategy that will deliver the best results.
Here is how we do it:
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Why choose us over other SEO marketing agencies:

  • An International SEO Expert can promote your website to almost any country in the world!
  • Broad experience with various websites: from startups to the biggest ones online
  • We resolve issues other SEO agencies can’t
Reach out to us today and we will discuss how we can design a custom SEO strategy that will take your business to another level.
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