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How to best utilize LINE to market your business

LINE App is the most popular messaging platform in Thailand and parts of Asia, surpassing even Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. In a growing and fast-paced world it is important to be in the right place at the right time to be seen by your customers, and for large parts of Asia, LINE App is the place to be.
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What is Line App?

Originally from Japan, LINE was generally released by 2012 as a messenger app but soon grew to be so much more. It is now a huge social platform and has millions and millions of users, allowing phone and video chatting but also games, tools, music, video streaming and payment services, among others.
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Line Stickers

LINE Stickers are arguably one of the most popular features of the app and a great way to market your brand. People have found an extensive sticker collection to be something of a status symbol within the app, with customers using them to show emotions. There are two ways for businesses to utilize these stickers; you can sell them or create a ‘Mission Sticker’ instead.
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Exclusive Offers

Similarly to LINE stickers, which can take time to create, the Exclusive Offers service also creates a mission of sorts, requiring the user to add you as a friend to gain access to a particular deal or discount. Much like trying to gain more email addresses through such offers, the key to this strategy is gaining another user as a friend. You can use either or both of the above strategies to build up a large following and again allow you to increase brand awareness and reach more people.

Line Point Ads

Line Point Ads are another way to interact with the users of this popular app. The general idea is that people have to complete whichever activity it is, be it adding you as a friend, watching a video or download an app, in order to achieve a certain number of LINE points. These points can then be used as currency to purchase stickers or other items that are central to LINE. Again this is a great way to interact with people and have them add themselves to your database or watch your ad while feeling there is something in it for them, ensuring they will pay more attention.

Once you’re friends…

To join LINE as a business you need to create a LINE Official Account, under your own name, in order to communicate with your followers. Once you have been added by the user as a friend it is easy to send them messages with information or promotions about your brand. As they receive a notification on arrival many messages do get opened and raise your brand awareness, while there has been success with messages that include offers. You can also post on their timeline and hope to engage people more with likes and comments.
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LINE is one of the biggest messenger based apps in the world, and in the last couple of years has become so much more than that, with people using it for shopping, payment and travel. With a large audience in Asia, particularly countries like Thailand, LINE is a way to increase brand awareness, reach more people and increase sales. There are a great many ways to utilize LINE to market your brand, from stickers to LINE points, that are specific to this app and the people it can reach. LINE is a huge and growing social app with great marketing potential, and as users increase and more and more people spend ever-growing amounts of time online, it is certainly worth being on LINE!
For more information on how to set up a LINE account and get the best out of LINE marketing, please ask us today!
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