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How Do You Market Luxury Goods?

The world of luxury goods is a competitive one, especially when you convert to the e-Commerce market. Not only is there already wealth of established competitor websites selling luxury goods, but you also have an even larger number of budget websites peddling would-be luxury goods for a significantly lower price. That said, despite the competition and the inequitable noise, it is still possible to develop a successful luxury goods brand and maintain high levels of traffic and sales. There is, however, a certain knack to it, which we will cover on this page. So, where to begin?

Harness the Power of Visual Social Media Networks

The key to marketing luxury products online is through the medium of photography. This is arguably the most effective means of evoking aspirational emotions that are vital to selling luxury products. Businesses specialising in the likes of high-end vehicles, designer clothing, and luxury jewellery each have one thing in common: exceptional visual marketing.
Thus, you should harness the power of certain visual social networks like Instagram and Pinterest to generate more hype.

Invest in a Stunning Website that Fuses Style, Functionality, and a Flawless User-Experience

In most cases, a luxury brand website will be irrefutably stunning, though tend to perform poorly when it comes to navigation and functionality. If you wish to truly set yourself apart from the competition, then you need to invest in some exceptional talent when it comes to the design & implementation of your website.

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Share Stories About Your Brand & Luxury Goods

One of the fundamentals of selling luxury goods is being able to effectively communicate the story behind your products and the values that define your luxury brand. What are your customers subscribing to when they associate with your brand?

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Take Full Advantage of Facebook Ads to Reach Luxury Shoppers

Facebook Ads are and will be for the foreseeable future, one of the most effective forms of online advertising. This is largely due to the high level of custom-targeting that you are able to do when building your ads campaign. You can get so specific in fact, that you can target specific age groups, locations, tastes, education levels, and more!

Never Underestimate SEO

When it comes to online marketing, you’ll always hear people who are for and against SEO, both with equally compelling arguments. Of course, without any real knowledge or experience in SEO, its difficult to know which side is right.
The fact is, both sides are right, to one degree or another, in that most people who are against SEO & don’t believe in it, have generally had a bad experience. However, if you invest in the right SEO agency to assist you, say, the team at TBS Marketing for example, then you can experience success.
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Educational & Aspirational Content Builds Authority

Highly visual & aspirational content is the key to generating more traffic and engagement through your website. It’s also essential for building trust and bolstering your brand authority. You need to invest in long-form content that is engaging and informative, so that people will not only benefit from it, but feel obliged to share it with their friends and family. From an SEO perspective, this is crucial.

Develop Content That Appeals to Your Audiences “Desired Status”

The interesting thing about people and their “sharing” habits when it comes to social media, is the fact that we generally spread and share information that displays traits that we’d like other people to see in us.

A great example of the sort of content you could share, is a “Guide to the Most Lavish & Luxurious Cocktails”. Those who appeal to that high-end status of dining and partying will want to make the most lavish & luxurious cocktails at their next get-together and share those “Insta-worthy” moments with their friends.

Online Exclusivity and Scarcity Generate Interest

Exclusivity is one of the fundamentals of the luxury world. It’s what gives consumers that sense of superiority. The idea that they are special and valued to be associated with such a prestigious brand. This can be created online via private member groups, a concierge service of sorts, or by digitally delivered loyalty perks; “exclusively for your precious, loyal customers.”

Never Underestimate Email Marketing

You should be forever building & nurturing your email list and continue to communicate with them via weekly newsletters and exclusive inside information. Little things like regular discount giveaways or the chance to win some luxury goods! Whatever you can do to keep those customers returning to your website and investing in your products.


  • SEO, Email Marketing, and Content Development are essential
  • Your content should be emotive, engaging, and highly visual
  • Create an air of exclusivity about your brand & products online
  • Adopt quality Facebook Ads for highly targeting customer acquisition
  • Build a stunning, functional, and user-friendly website
If you are serious about gaining the competitive edge and taking your luxury brand to the next level, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
Understand that it takes a great deal of time & effort to build a successful brand image online, and it is much easier to invest in an experienced digital marketing agency to get you to where you need to be.
Save your precious time & invest it in your valued customers, while we focus on the grunt-work and deliver the quality “ready-to-spend” customers to your door!
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