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As you gain knowledge and start to develop an understanding of digital marketing and how it works, you will quickly realize that the term “SEO” is actually a catch-all phrase. In truth, the term SEO has been bastardized and used so frequently to explain to non-tech-focused people how the general concept works that most people don’t realize how many individual facets can make up a website's overall SEO campaign and how intricate some of these processes can be. Ultimately, like any other kind of marketing, it is all about emulating the successes of your competitors and analyzing data, and acting upon it.
When discussing SEO there are two major places where most SEO experts will focus initially. These are known as “onsite SEO” and “offsite SEO” and both will require very different levels of attention and individual actions to optimize correctly. While the “on-site” term is slightly more self-explanatory, what does and does not constitute “off-site” SEO may not be readily apparent to the casual observer.
 Essentially as you may have guessed “offsite” SEO is the name given to strategies and actions taken outside of your website's control in order to attract the attention of major search engines.

What is Off-site SEO?

A whole litany of individual actions and processes can be defined as “off-site” or “off-page” SEO; so explaining them all in detail naturally would be a quite lengthy and long-winded process. To make this easy just try to bear in mind that offsite means that you are reaching out beyond your website to try to optimize your search engine rankings. This can be anything from making sure that directory sites have correct and up-to-date information about your business or checking what kind of sites are linking back to you.

How do you perform Off-site SEO?

While this work is better left to professionals, it is always good to have a working knowledge of exactly what this term means in order to evaluate the work you are considering or are currently having done in this area. While this term can refer to many things, examples of this could be:

Link Building

Arguably, link building is one of the most important facets of off-site work and its successes (or lack thereof) has the potential to affect your website's SEO power for years. It essentially gives your website a reference for quality and authenticity to search engines from the site the link originates from. Building high-quality links from relevant, reputable, and highly ranked websites will help you in building and maintaining long-term keyword rankings.

Social Media Signals

Social Media in terms of SEO has grown from being a minor footnote in your websites Digital marketing strategy to being an integral part of any online business marketing campaign and can be key to gaining traction for competitive keywords. Essentially, a website that generates strong social medial signals for particular keywords is signalling to search engines that their website contains interesting and relevant content that attracts these Social Media visitors.

Guest Blogging

Optimizing permanent content based on your site is one thing, but what Google and other major search engines really love to see (and rank well) are websites that release fresh, highly relevant and high traffic content from external sources, such as being invited to write a guest blog on another site and linking back to your own). Many sites will regularly invite well-informed and credible people within their industry or audiences areas of interest to write a blog about various relevant  topics.

Local SEO Optimisation

Local SEO itself is by definition Offsite SEO and if you are a business serving a limited geographic area or relying on brick and mortar premise to do business, you are probably already aware of what this is. Having a properly set up Google My Business page can help you not only drive traffic when people directly search for you, but it also allows your customers to leave (hopefully) good reviews. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition

It doesn’t matter how well-executed your on-page SEO strategies and how strong they are – the competitors are working relentlessly on improving their SEO tactics as well. That’s why the best way to stay in the game is to use all possible channels to make sure the entire world knows about you. And off-site SEO optimization can help you achieve it.
TBS Marketing provides off-page SEO services that will optimize your online presence by implementing up-to-date strategies and conducting a comprehensive analysis to make sure that your site agrees with the ranking factors. We will also create, implement and maintain a plan to make the most out of your off-page marketing efforts.
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