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As opposed to a horizontal market whereby a service or product has the potential to be appealing in
meeting the needs of a variety of different buyers in different areas; a vertical market are products or 
services specifically tailored to a particular niche or customer type
Some products are very easily marketable. If your product has a large potential customer base then it has never been easier to bring that product to market and captivate large numbers of people. Many products, however, are extremely niche or are only applicable to those within a certain industry, and while this does pose a challenge for your marketing, you will be pleased to learn that there is an entire field of marketing dedicated to finding this highly specific audience called Vertical marketing. It is essentially the process of reaching out to find new customers in highly specific audiences.
TBS Marketing provides SEO and online marketing services to all verticals including retail, travel & tourism,
 fintech, legal, real estate, healthcare, and construction
There are many different ways that Vertical Marketing can be performed, both online and offline, and using new digital marketing techniques, as well as some more traditional ones. Essentially using your business vertical markets you can identify exactly who you need to be advertising to, where to find this audience and what the most cost- effective and efficient way of advertising to them would be. This is parallel to your horizontal markets, which help you establish which avenues to attract the business of the general public or direct consumers.

Advantages of Vertical Markets

As we touched on before, if your products need to be advertised to extremely specific consumers in either specific industries (when talking from a B2B standpoint) or if the potential market for your product exists in very specific avenues, such as a campaign targeting foreign business owners in Thailand for example. In both of these instances understanding your businesses, vertical markets will, in essence, help you streamline your marketing process and allow your products’ USP (or Unique Selling Point) to be visible to this audience, thus driving interest and sales through a niche stream of interest.
Defining early on where your vertical markets lie will make it easy to narrow down potential avenues of
interest. These can be online streams such as industry-specific blogs and news outlets, banner advertisements on relevant trade-related websites, or a well-crafted social media advertising campaign aimed at extremely well-defined

How do I Advertise to Vertical Markets?

While it may sound as though vertical marketing is vastly different from regular, horizontal marketing, the truth 
is that many of the steps involved to get started are very similar if not the same:

Identifying your target audience

While this may sound like monotonous advice when 
discussing marketing strategies, when it comes to 
marketing to vertical markets this process is even more 
important when your audience is limited. A fair bit of 
dedication to market research is required to determine 
exactly how many potential customers there are within a 
particular vertical, what the potential churn rate of this 
group of customers would be and how these consumers 
will potentially interact with or use your products.

Come up with “Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are in essence are outlines of what 
potential users or customers in each vertical will “look” like. 
This is focused on their buying behaviors and 
demographical as opposed to visual appearance and it will generally include things like occupation, interests, and other information that will help you determine how they will react to specific pieces of marketing materials.

Focus on Demand Generation

Sustaining and expanding the demand for your products is important across any kind of marketing strategy, however,
 with vertical marketing at least some consideration must go into how you will generate and close new demand and  interest for your products.

Measure your success!

Having a clear overview of all your vertical marketing streams plus exactly how lucrative each one can be is important in determining exactly how much return you are receiving on your investment. Identifying and eliminating non-performing advertising streams will help you lessen your outgoings, but can allow you to then refocus those resources into new, untapped sources of interest.
TBS Marketing has experience delivering successful online marketing campaigns for clients operating in a wide variety of different verticals. Contact our team today and speak with one of our specialists about creating your vertical SEO or online marketing strategy.
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