What is Google AdWords?

When thinking of traditional digital marketing strategies, many will jump to SEO as the foremost way that a business can get customers through the internet. While it may be true that SEO generates high volumes of traffic, which can equate to extremely cheap conversions; there are also a number of factors whereby SEO can sometimes actually not be the ideal strategy for everybody. For a start, SEO can be an extremely lengthy and time-consuming endeavor with some industries not seeing movement for up to 6 months in competitive keyword niches. Not all businesses have the luxury of waiting that long. Furthermore, SEO can be an extremely technical and complicated endeavor requiring far more resources and man-hours to perform correctly - which a lot of business owners may not be able to provide.
Luckily Google, which is the main search engine used by far, have released their own platform which allows businesses to target high converting keywords without waiting to be noticed by their search algorithms. It’s called Google AdWords, and it has been the focus of much of the attention of businesses looking to make quick returns in the digital sphere. Essentially, AdWords allows you to circumvent the traditional SEO route by paying a premium.

How does Google Adwords Work?

Google AdWords works on the principle that many business owners don't mind paying a premium to have adverts in places where they are the most likely to convert. Using this they have come up with a system where businesses can directly choose which keywords, they would like to place advertisements for their products and services above the organic rankings. Which will in turn generate clicks and traffic through to your website, which Google will charge you for on, often, a per-click basis.

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Should I do SEO or PPC?

This question depends very much on what kind of business you are, what your long and short-term digital goals are, and how competitive the online sphere is in your industry. Ultimately, the differences between the two could not be any more drastic but choosing which avenue will bring you a better return on your investment can be a difficult decision.

SEO is better for the long-term

For people who are looking to make a long-term impression within their industry's digital marketplace, SEO is definitely the way to go. Good SEO work can see your website reach higher and higher rankings that, once achieved, are very hard to shift (so long as the correct maintenance is done). What's more, once you have paid for the work to get and stay there, traffic from first page rankings is completely free and you won’t pay a single penny regardless of how many thousands of clicks you get. As mentioned before, however, SEO can take a long time to achieve results and if your business is a temporary or seasonal business, you might not need these customers and inquiries all the time.

AdWords gets results fast

AdWords is largely for businesses whose core focus is in the short term. With Google AdWords, if it is set up properly and targeting the correct keywords with high-quality ads, you can immediately start seeing clicks and conversions as soon as you launch it. Also, Google AdWords helps you plan what keywords you may want to target by providing its helpful Keyword Planner tool, which if used properly can do a lot of the hard work for you. However, something this easy comes at a premium and you can find that in particularly competitive industries, CPC (or Cost Per Click) can be extremely high for what is essentially just a click, and even after you have paid for it there is no absolute guarantee that that individual will come through as a relevant inquiry.

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Can I do AdWords myself?

People often ask this question. Like many things in life, yes, you could do it yourself. In fact, Google makes it extremely easy for those who are not as tech-savvy to get a campaign up and running in no time. However, in Google's opinion, the onus is on you to ensure your campaign is properly set up and maintained in order to get you relevant and actionable clicks. Keeping this in mind, it is sometimes easy to forget that every click on your advert that does not turn into a sale or relevant inquiry for your business will cost you money and affect your margins to some degree.

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Why Choose TBS marketing For Your AdWords Campaign Management?

Our experts have successfully completed all the necessary Google certifications and have an in-depth understanding of this complex and continuously evolving advertising platform. We know how to make your campaign innovative and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.
TBS Marketing has years of experience in managing AdWords accounts and we know how to optimize them to achieve the highest results in revenue and converting. Our approach is holistic and always centered on each client’s specific needs and requests.
If you are ready to give AdWords a try and don’t know what to do next, or if you’re unimpressed with the current AdWords campaign results, send an email info@tbs-marketing.com or call us at +66 (0)2717 8124 | +66 (0)2007 5800
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