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In recent years, more power has been handed to consumers in many different ways, within the digital marketing sphere, one of the most significant ways this has happened is in the advent of so-called “DIY platforms”.
However, DIY platforms like Wix also present their own set of challenges when it comes to organically gain traction with search engines within their organic search positions. This is partly because Wix is a hosted platform that groups your site on a server with hundreds, sometimes thousands of others, making it difficult for search engine algorithms to always effectively scan. This also means you have to share your bandwidth with many other site owners, which can negatively affect your site speed. Wix is also a closed-source platform, which means you have to pay Wix every time you want to add an SEO-related plugin. With all of that said, however, you can still do SEO on Wix sites.

Is Wix Good for SEO?

A few years ago, this question, when posed to digital marketers, would have generated more than a few scoffs as well as a chorus of “it can’t be done” and this was true for a long time. The operative word there being was and Wix has come on leaps and bounds in its efforts to be more search engine friendly, resulting in the platform now being considered possible to perform SEO on. Especially when you think that before many marketing agencies would not have considered taking on these campaigns due to the low success rates that it would not have been worth it for the client.

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How do I Perform Wix SEO?

While there is no doubt that other platforms have a better reputation for building strong SEO campaigns, there is absolutely no reason that the same results can’t achieve the same levels of success. There are a few things that you can do in order to boost your Wix sites visibility within search engines:

1. Set up SEO Wiz

One of the major selling points of Wix is their platform's ease of use, practically anybody can build a website, and, in an ideal world, using their built-in tool SEO Wiz can help your new site to rank easily. SEO Wiz can be compared to WordPress Yoast, in that it is a built-in tool that Wix has even made easy to find with a giant tab that says “Get found on Google”. It will then run you through an easy-to-follow setup guide, which will help you optimize your site.

2. Get Blogging!

Blogging is a fantastic way to show search engines that your site, although it is hosted on Wix, is releasing fresh, unique, and relevant content which its users would benefit from viewing. Wix makes getting your own blog up and running on your page a breeze, although it's important not to get ahead of yourself and ensure that you put some real thought into how you will structure and release posts and the content of the blog itself. However, this is a process known as “Content Marketing” and is a field in itself and would require an entirely separate page to properly cover!

3. Page Speed and Quality

Many search engines (including Google) value a quick loading page above one that is slow to load and unresponsive. This is because they don't want to display slow and laggy sites to their users as it severely impacts that particular consumer experience, which reflects badly on them. In order to reflect this, Google gives priority to sites whose load speed is relatively short and whose performance meets their standards, this goes for Wix sites too. Avoid overloading your page with images and try to fill white space on your homepage with text instead and make sure whatever images you do use are properly optimized for search.

4. Keyword Research

Like any other campaign, Keyword research really is the cornerstone to any good strategy, and making sure that your website is targeting the most relevant keywords is as essential for a Wix site as any other. Wix does not actually offer its own tool to help you do this, but there are plenty out there that can help you properly review which keywords are worth targeting and how to go about that.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

While Wix promotes itself as a platform that allows its users to do absolutely everything themselves, it can never hurt to have some professional oversight during the process. They may even know some advanced tips and trips that can help your Wix site gain real traction. There are also plenty of great reading materials and guides as well as videos that can help you get your Wix up and running as soon as humanly possible.

Ultimately, building a new site is a serious undertaking and you should seriously consider if the risk to reward ratio of using an online DIY website builder is worth the potential limitations in your marketing campaign.

Wix SEO Services that Deliver Results

Wix.com is one of the most popular website building services in the world.
With the help of its easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require any coding at all, you can easily create stunning-looking websites of various kinds. That’s why over 60 million websites have already been created on this platform.
But to make this website successful and popular among prospective customers you will have to implement the most necessary tool – SEO. It’s a series of techniques and practices helping your site ton rank higher in the search engine results and drive higher traffic to your content. But it can be a tricky task for a non-professional even with the multiple resources available on SEO online.
TBS Marketing experts will gladly take care of your business. Our job is to make sure that after your website is building your audience can find you. Our services include:

SEO optimization

Mobile Optimization and Usability

Keywords Research

Content Creation

Off-page optimization and more.

Reach out to us today and we will discuss how we can design a custom SEO strategy that will take your business to another level.
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